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Lets start with RetroMSX, because they have announced that, because of personal matters they will not be able to come to the next users meeting.

And now, its time to remember something important about the second hand marked booth: For selling stuff is mandatory print and fill this form with all the products they are going to sell. With this the organization of the second hand booth will be faster and better.

Two days left for the next users meeting and here we’ve got new activities confirmed thanks to Futuredisk, ConexiónMSX, MSXmakers and MSXparatodos.

Lets start with Koen, of Futuredisk. Before the wizard of Wor contest, there will be a short presentation of the futuredisk using the projector screen, showing several contents of the magazine.

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The Pets Mode and Sal del Armario
Posted june,15th - 2022

We have two more confirmed booths this week: The Pets Mode and Sal del Armario.

The Pets Mode (aka TPM), a group known by games like Han’s adventure or Bitlogic, will show their last creations for MSX2 in his booth. As they don’t know if everything will be ready for the the users meeting, right now we don't know which games are they going to show us exactly.

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MSX Para Todos and Renovatio Corp
Posted june,13th - 2022

After a little break, we’re back with more confirmed booths, and today its time for MSX Para Todos (MSX for everybody) and Renovatio Corp.

MSX Para Todos visited the users meeting for the first time on the last edition, the 57th and seems they came to stay for long. For this users meeting, MSX Para Todos is going to be the booth for the Arcade Zone, the place where visitors just go to play any MSX game available. Come, play, test and enjoy, that's the motto from MSX Para Todos, and the Arcade Zone is the best place for this.

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Z80Workshop and Supersoniqs
Posted june,01st - 2022

Today we’ve got two hardware related booth confirmed, since both of them are quite specialized on it.

Let's start with Z80Workshop. On the last users meeting he showed us, among his flash cartridges and several MSX adapters, a working unit of the V9K99 board, and that’s a new V9990 graphics card. Well, for this users meeting he will bring the first units for selling. That’s another great new update for this users meeting.

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