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Posted october,07th - 2018

Finally we have date for the next 54th MSX User Meeting (RUMSX) of Barcelona. It will be the 19th of January of 2019 in the same place as always: the Espai Jove la Fontana.

As you may have guessed, the event will be latter than usual. This year, with four months of prevision, all the dates we proposed (and others that we didn't want) were already booked. We hope that this date won't be a drawback for you to come to visit.

At the moment the booth reservation is still closed. We're working on our website to manage this topic better. When we have the website ready, we will anounce it on the usual channels. Moreover, the prices on second hand booths and material renting service has been modified. Please, check next RU section for further detail.

We hope you all come!

Sunday after the MSX user meeting. We're all on our homes (or travelling) after so much fun, with new experiences, reconnected with old friends and connected with new ones, and remembering our old stories and those friends that, sadly, are not amongst us anymore.

We close this 53th user meeting that was full of frenzy and news thanking to all the exhibitors and visitors for coming, including local people, people from other parts of the country and even visitors from other parts of Europe.

The organization, from our sofas after moving all our heavy equipment, hope that you have liked the event and that you'll also attend to the next meeting. And for those who couldn't attend: We're expecting you next time!

Thanks to you all for keeping MSX spirit alive!

(For the games, keep on reading)

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Posted june,05th - 2018

Last booth confirmation for this RU! Now a hardware one: Z80workshop. Even though Z80workshop's web domain is not yet ready, it will be soon!

In the booth you'll find several really interesting news:

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Oniric factor & Children of the Night
Posted june,05th - 2018

5 days to go and we have more news!

Oniric Factor will send us copies of their last game, Lost Wind Platinum, an strategy game for MSX2 computers with floppy drive. Beware as there won't be too many copies for buying! The price will be 10€.

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Finally we've got it
Posted may,29th - 2018

The new musicdisk from the last 3rd compoAY, organized together with the guys of culturachip.

The disk will be available on the next users meeting, on the AAMSX booth.

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