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Finally we can announce this: 6th of July, 62nd MSX User Meeting.

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Retrobarcelona 2024
Posted may,12th - 2024

After a couple of months of rest, we are back! And in a massive way. We have confirmed our participation in the next Retrobarcelona 2024.

As in previous editions, the AAMSX is not alone. Some known faces from the user meetings will be with us:
  • MSXparatodos will be there with their arcade zone just like in the user meetings so that the visitors are able to play some good games
  • Rocketman: Danitear will be showing his advances on the game and the visitors will be able to test it
  • CustoMSX will bring their FPGA-based MSX and their lovely steampunk Omega MSX2+

Remember! Retrobarcelona 2024 will be taking place this weekend, 18th and 19th of May, in the Farga de l’Hospitalet. See you there!

3rd Basque MSX tournament
Posted february,29th - 2024

After a great users meeting, thanks to both exhibitors and visitors, its time to rest, but never should stop playing! We’ve got MSX and brand new games, and we should play them. The past 12th October, the Basque association Euskal-Retro organized the 3rd basque MSX tournament at Deria town.

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Conexión MSX and fundas del pasado.
Posted february,02nd - 2024

There is only one day until the next users meeting, and here we’ve got new updates. The first one is a bit sad, since David Gisbert, the user behind fundas del pasado, is not going to attend to the next users meeting due to heath issues. From the AAMSX we wish the best for David and hope so he can recover as fast as possible to see him again very soon.

Then, we’ve got to our friends of Conexión MSX, who will organize several talks on a dedicated meeting room. Click here to take a look to the scheduled activities they’ve organized.

Xavirompe and Málaga MSX users association
Posted february,01st - 2024

Two new booths are added to the list, and this time we’ve got Xavirompe and Málaga MSX users association.

At Xavirompe booth we will find for selling their classics rookiedrives (MSX cartridges to load dsk files from usb devices) and the Breaker pads, MSX paddles compatible with the ones created by Taito for the Arkanoid games.

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