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Second Hand Market Service
Posted january,11th - 2019

As every year, we offer you the second-hand market section so you can sell any MSX product that you do not use (games, hardware, books, magazines, ...).

This service is free so we ask that, in order to be agile and not overload our collaborators, follow the rules:

  • Only up to 15 items per person can be placed.
  • All the material for sale must be 100% related to the MSX.
  • The second-hand market closes at 15:00.  After 15:00, the AAMSX won't be responsible of any product placed on the second-hand market booth.
  • Download, print and fill out the product list form. (Download form here)
  • Label the products (if possible, in the upper part of the front), with the reference and the price.

If you have any questions, you can contact us in the mail of the association that you will find on our WEB.

Micoco Hardware & CustoMSX
Posted january,10th - 2019

The booth stand is still growing. Now we present other two confirmed booths:
CustomMSX and Micoco Hardware by Carmeloco.

The first ones are already known in the meetings given that they have come to them without interruption for years. Their project, the CustomMSX, keeps on evolving little by little fixing errors and improving details.

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Aquíjacks & MSXVR
Posted january,09th - 2019

Two more booth confirmed! Now Aquijacks & MSXVR.

Aquijacks, known in the scene because of his manuals and tutorials for MSX modding, will be with us for his first time. He will be showing his big project Flashjacks.

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Oniric Factor and Grayfox
Posted january,08th - 2019

Two more booths for this user meeting! Now Oniric Factor & Grayfox.

The Oniric Factor guys will come from Seville to have their booth here. On it, aside from selling their current games in floppy disk, they will show their latest creation. There are no details about it yet!

On the other side we have Grayfox back with more second hand MSX stuff!

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Two more booths join the party: Carambalán Studios & Tromax.


Carambalán Studios will be there with their first game, Burn Us EXP, game already presented in the last RU and that will be there for sale.

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