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Aorante and the AAMSX crew presents, for the next 37th users meetings, a 2D graphics contest for MSX.

Here you've got the rules:

1. Everybody can participate on the contest, it doesn't matter the race, gender, or ideology. The only necessary requirement it's that the competitor (or someone that represents him) must be present at the users meeting just to get the prize.
2. The picture thematic its free, but the jury reserve the right of cancel any entries that could be offensive to someone.
3. Every participant only can present one picture.
4. Graphic modes accepted are SC2, SC4 and SC5 (256 x 192 or 212 lines)
5. With the final picture, the competitor must attach a copy of the image in PNG/GIF format and 3 intermediate steps for showing the image making of (in SCn binary, PNG OF GIF format)
6. It's possible use sprites, (static sprites), and these must be found inside the image file (SC2, SC5,...).
7. There is no software or hardware restriction to create the image (MSX, Amiga, Windows, MAC, ...), but the software used must be 2D. It's forbidden the use of dithering algorithms for color reduction, except for the gradients. It you're using the MSX Screen Concersor WEB software, it's not allowed use the "Error difusion" option(
8. A compressed ZIP file with the image must be sended to and
9. Besides the zipped image, the e-mail must include:
      - name of the picture
      - name and surname of the creator
      - nickname (optional)
      - software used
      - mail address contact

The prizes will be cash, and them will be delivered at the users meeting:
      - First position: 50€
      - Second position: 30€
      - Third position: 20€

Participants can present their pictures until the next 12th June at 23:59h, just one week before the Barcelona Users Meeting. This date can be modified by the organization, (allways benefiting the competitors) or if the users meeting date is modified. JURY
The Jury is composed by:
- aorante/303bcn and neuroflip/303bcn (or a substitute selected by the AAMSX if any of the 303bcn group can't participate).
- 2 members of the AAMSX

The jury review will be based on the draw, the route and the dithering, the colors used and the art of the picture.

The jury result will be official during the 37th MSX users meeting of Barcelona, where the winners will get their awards.

Copyrights will remain to their respective creators, but the contest organizer would be able to publish the presented pictures at any website, magazine or similar media, always showing the author name and never taking benefits of it. If a picture its going to be published anywhere, the author will be adviced via email.