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  39th users meeting pictures.

First of all, we must thank, again, all that people that made the last users meeting a great success. To the visitors, to the exhibitors, to everybody who has helped us with the users meeting: Thank you very much!

Here you've got some links to picture galleries and reports from the users meeting:
   - A video of the users meeting
   - Pictures from La SeKTA
   - Review with pictures from Tentáculo purpura
   - Review on the Konamito website
   - Report on the Fasebonus website
   - Ivan Nieto Pictures
   - Alberto Orante review
   - Video, pictures and reviews from feelthebyte

Posted 13th June 2011, 13:15   

  Another booth and scheduled hours for the chiptune session.

Here we've got the scheduled chiptune sessions:
      - From 18:00 to 18:20 ->  303bcn
      - From 18:25 to 18:55 ->  Lowtoy
      - From 19:00 to 19:30 ->  Abortifacient
As you can see, there a new artist included on the chiptune sessions list, Abortifacient, from Australia. Here you can download his last album.

And finally, here we've got another confirmed booth. Sander van Nunen from Supersoniqs, will visit us again to show the new hardware they've designed: The MIDI-PAC. This card will reroute all your MSX Music compatible software to a attached MIDI out connector. This way you can enjoy the sound of all your games and music software with your MIDI equipment.

Right now there are 13 confirmed booths for this users meeting edition. Are you going to miss it?

Posted 30th May 2011, 14:00   

  More booths and scheduled activities.

The users meeting date its near. Here we've got new confirmed booths. Here we go:

Let's start with Floppyderno, and online shop specialized on hand made notebooks, using recycled floppy disks. You can see their designs on his website.

Another confirmed booth, a classic one: moai-tech, who will offer merchandising too. Anyway, we still don't know what is going to offer this on this time.

Another one who is going to visit us again is MATRA. As happened on the last meeting, he only will be able to stay on the meeting until 13:00. On his booth we will find the well known games of his website and, also, two new game cartridges for selling: Dr. Hello and the extended version with new special features of Zombie near. Each game will cost 12,5€.
Also, in his booth, you can change the defective cartridges of the Roc'n Rope game. If you've got one of these copies, you can change them for free.

The last confirmed booth is The Pets Mode, who will show to the visitors the cartridge and the special packaging of Hans' adventure, with some cool extras not included on the msxdev version. If you liked the game, you will be able to make a pre-order of the game, that will be published on the 40th users meeting.

Finally, here it's, again, the classic AAMSX game contest. This year, the chosen game is Decathlon. You can download from the Konamito website or from the msx-archive. The contest rules are available on the next meeting section.

Posted 24th May 2011, 19:25   

  More confirmations.

Let's start with RELEVO videogames. On their booth they will show us their last creations, paying attention on their last game: Azzurro 8bit JAM.

Another confirmed booth its Z80ST-Software. Sapphire will show us a very interesting computer: A toshiba HX-10 MSX1 computer converted to 60hz. Also, maybe a little surprise will be shown by Sapphire.

Another booth its Paxanga Soft, where msxkun will sell some copies of the last released game, Pengo. Also, there will be presented the music software he is actually developing.

But, it isn't going to be the only music software presented during the meeting, because another music software, the PSGedV2 will be presented by 303bcn. Also, they will offer a little chiptune session to the visitors at the end of the users meeting. For the music, it's going to be used a C64 with sid2sid and Mssiah Software, accompanied with two Korg electrive. Also, an MSX computer will be showing some visuals.

And finally, the AAMSX confirms the Arcade zone, the booth with two MSX computers that visitors can use to play some games.

Posted 18th May 2011, 20:00   

  Yes, we are alive. First confirmed stands.

Times passes, and here arrives the first confirmed expositors.

The first one is Alifort Chapas. Again, during the users meeting, on his booth you will find a lot of MSX merchandising for selling.

The next one its the guest platform/group: the Netlabel/group Lowtoy. From the AAMSX we like promote creators and designers and the Lowtoy group, are the best example of this. That's not only because the netlabel they have, they are also chiptune musicians, using gameboy software like LSDJ, or nanoloop. Probably, during the users meeting, Lowtoy will performance a live session, but the scheduled hour still must be decided.

Also, we've got another booths, but they're all not confirmed yet. They same happens with the cartridges we want sell during the users meeting: Right now, all of them are in production but we're not 100% sure that they will be available for the next users meeting. So, stay tunned next days for upcoming news on the website.

Posted 5th May 2011, 21:00   

  39th Barcelona users meetings.

The 39th Barcelona MSX users meeting has been officially launched. Finally, we've got an official scheduled date for the meeting: The next 4th June. The place it's going to be the same: The meetings room of Cotxeres de Sants. For more info about the meeting, the scheduled activities, reservations or rules, please visit the "next meeting" section or click here.

Everybody interested can now reserve a booth for the meeting. Hurry up before they run out!

Posted 10th March 2011, 21:20   

  New booths and updates.

During this week, two booths has been confirmed.

The first one its Impedimento Films. Warchild will sell a lot of MSX stuff like games, magazines, computers and several hardware. Also, as a representative of Impedimento Films, Warchild will take with him his camera and will record the users meeting just to prepare a video review of the users meeting.

The other confirmed booth its MATRA. There we will find several game cartridges available on the MATRA website: games like the last release of RELEVO Videogames, Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, or the two new games from the matra catalog, MinesX y Roc'n'Rope. It's important know that MATRA will be at the users meeting until 13:30. So, if you're interested on purchase any of their games, you will have time until 13:30.

On the other hand we inform you that the typical compilation released by the AAMSX on the users meeting is not available. Various delays on deliveries and some bugs found on several games makes impossible to release the cartridge on the next users meeting. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Finally, we inform you that the game that is going to be used on the AAMSX contest its the Crazy bullet game. The level used and the speed of the game will be published during the users meeting.

Posted 2nd December 2010, 18:20   

  Little changes on the users meeting.

Due to some circumstances not related with the AAMSX, the scheduled hours for opening has changed a little. So, with this, expositors must be there at 09:30am, while visitors must be there at 10:30.

Also, we must alert all the users about some works on the streets near the building where the users meeting is held. Because of works, the access on Sants Street 79 its completely closed to vehicles and pedestrians so, we highly recommend access to the users meeting by Olzinelles street number 8.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Posted 24th November 2010, 15:15   

  More updates.

There are only 2 weeks left until the next users meeting, and the confirmed booth lists gets updated with new reservations.

The first one its the guest platform booth. This time, the guest is going to be Amstrad. There, José María S. will show us one Amstrad PCW and one Amstrad 6128plus, with some classic and new games for test and playing. Also, there will be a non Amstrad related rarity: a Compukit UK101, that its an English computer from 1979.

The next one is VEB Xenon, with a booth where the music its going to be the starring. There, with xenonsoft, you will ear all kind of MSX music with different sound chips (psg, msx-audio, msx-music), and also there will be games where music quality its good.

The last one its a multiple booth, presented by Sprite Girls, Kralizec, Imanok and the MSX Cartridge Shop. There we will find:
    -Cartridges of his last game for selling: The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
    -MegaFlash SCC+ flashcarts and games available for purchasing from the MSX Cartridge Shop website
    -The new game actually developed by Imanok (right now, nobody knows its name)
    -And finally, with the typical Sprite girls Magnets, there will be desktop calendars with MSX designs

Time is running out, so hurry up reserving your booth for next users meeting.

Posted 23th November 2010, 15:40   

  Users meeting updates.

Well, after a few weeks, finally we've got the first confirmed booths for the next users meeting.

The first one its the MSXArea Spanish MSX magazine. Juanmi Ortuño and Julio Gracia are going to present and sell the 2nd number of his magazine.

The second one its an international booth. Supersoniqs visit us again from Netherlands to presents the Franky card successor: The playsoniq card. As its predecessor, it has the audio/video chip from the master system 2 console, and also adds an SCC chip (on a FPGA), a commodore 64 SID, and 4 MBytes of ram. Also, there is going to be shown another card:MIDI-PAC. MIDI-PAC MIDI-PAC will reroute all your MSX Music compatible software to a attached MIDI out connector. This way you can enjoy the sound of all your games and music software through your MIDI equipment.

The next booth its an a classic one of the last years: Alifort chapas , will visit us again selling MSX merchandising. Also, he informs us about his new online website on ebay. And finally, we've got the TPM (The Pets Mode) booth. On this users meeting, they will show us the last and finished version of the Hans' adventure game, that will be presented on the next MSXDEV'10. Also, there is another creation, the game MSX wars, programmed in MSX basic for the MSXBASIC contest of Konamito. Finally, they will show their actual project: a 2d platform game that still hasn't got name.

With these, We've got 5 confirmed booths, but we know that on the next days more booth are going to be confirmed too. Remember that the space available on the users meeting room its limited, and also, on the last users meeting we ran out of tables. So, we recommend to make your reservations as soon as possible, just to avoid any problems.

Posted 15th November 2010, 15:10   

  Next users meeting ready.

We're back again! With the meetings room reservation confirmed, now we can make the official announce for the next 38th MSX Barcelona users meeting. The choosed date its the next 4th December 2010 at the same place used on the on the last users meetings: The meeting room of Cotxeres de Sants.

For this edition we've got some news on the users meeting rules.

Also, there are some changes inside the AAMSX group. Armando Pérez (Ramones), our ex-Treasurer, is now living on another city, so now he can't help us as before. So, the new Treasurer its Carles Bernardez (Doraemon). Also, we've got two new members: Alberto Orante(Aorante) and Roberto Vargas (Koga).

Well, now, if you wish to have a booth during this event, you can now reserve one sending us an e-mail with all the information needed. If you want more information about this, just visit the "next meeting" section or click here.

Posted 04th October 2010, 11:00   

  Thank you very much to everybody.

It doesn't matter the dates or the crisis, because nobody wanted to miss this MSX users meeting. Click here to see pictures of the users meeting.

It has been a real success, with lots of visitors and news. We've got a new color magazine, a new program to make psg samplers in our MSX, three new published games, new projects, a new MSX emulator programmed with java, and the first edition of the MSX graphics contest. Now its our duty work again for the next user meeting, just to make it much better, so stay alert for next updates, because as soon as possible we're going to announce the date for the 38th edition.

Posted 30 June 2010, 10:20   

  Last hour news.

On the last days some stands has been confirmed. The first one its from Paxanga soft showing a finished version of his last project: an MSX2 port of the SEGA coin up Pengo. Also, if there is enough time, its possible that the game cartridge are going to be sold during the users meeting.

Also, there is the TPM group, who confirms an almost finished version of one of his projects:Hans' Adventure, an improved version (programmed with assembler) of one of his well known basic games, the Escape from Dwarves' Goldmine. Also, its possible that some interesting news could be announced during the users meeting.

With these stands, now we have a list of twelve confirmed stands, and it seems that there are more news coming on next days. Are you going to loose the next users meeting?

Posted 14th June 2010, 08:15   

  Last news and confirmed stands.

There are only 4 weeks left for the next users meetings, and the news keep arriving. Let's see what going on.

The first one its a new Spanish MSX magazine: MSX AREA. After disappearing CALL MSX magazine two years ago, a new magazine appears in Spanish language. All the magazine has color pages and its price its only 8 euros. The creators, Juanmi Ortuño and Julio Gracia will be there selling magazines on the MSX AREA stand.

The next one its an MSX merchandising stand: Alifort chapas comes back again to visit us, offering a lot of MSX merchandising with new designs. Stay alert!

The last one its a game:The Goonies 'R' Good Enough. After several years of development, Kralizec announces that the game its finished. On his stand, the visitor can purchase the game on a 4Mbit cartridge with two sound chips built in:one SCC and one PSG that will avoid the well known volume problems between these chips on several MSX models. Also, there are no limited batch, that's because the SCC and PSG chips included are implemented with an fpga chip, so the SCC stocks problems disappear. The game is fully compatible with any MSX model. It's price is 35€, and, the first 35 buyers, will have two presents:One poster and one sheet.

With these, there are now 10 confirmed stands for a users meeting.

Posted 28th May 2010, 07:10   

  New confirmed stands.

The users meeting date its near, and the list of confirmed stands is growing.
- Alberto Orante: On his stand there will be shown the images presented to the MSX graphics contest. .
- Walter: This is his third visit to the users meeting. As every year, he will show us a big stand with several MSX machines, rare hardware and software/games for test.
- GUEST PLATFORM: This year the guest platform is going to be Atari. TitoTeclado, will show us several Atari computers like the 8 bits ones like the Atari 800, or the 16bit machines like the Atari ST series.

And finally, software news. As every year, here you've got the AAMSX compilation for this users meeting: TOPO SOFT

These are the included games:
   - CHICAGO'S 30
   - TITANIC 1
   - TITANIC 2
   - RAM

The price:25€, as always, and the all benefits from the cartridges will be used for future users meetings.

Posted 12th May 2010, 15:40   

  New confirmed stands and graphics contest updates.

Well, here we've got the first confirmed stands for the next 37th MSX users meeging. The confirmed stands are:
- Taburoto: As always, they will connect their MSX to a powerfull music system. The perfect place for playing some MSX games and enjoy.
- MSX Calamar: There you will find some MSX hardware for sale: RGB and cassete wires, 220v to 120v adaptors, floppy disk units adapted for MSX computers and, if its possible, some MSX merchandising.
- MOAI-TECH: On Moai-tech you will find merchandising, cartridges, and some 2nd hand MSX computers for selling.

Also, there are some news on the 1st MSX graphics contest organized by Alberto Orante and the AAMSX. There are one update on the contest rules. Now, the 3 intermediate steps can be presented using PNG, GIF or SCn formats. More info about the graphics contest can be found here.

And, for last, Alberto Orante has published some interesting tutorials (in spanish language) about how make screen 2 graphics. Here you've got the links (that also can be found on the graphics contest website):

Some tricks about how to draw SC2 pictures (1/2)
Some tricks about how to draw SC2 pictures (2/2)
Using Gimp for making SC2 pictures
Using Photoshop for making SC2 pictures

Posted 17th April 2010, 15:05   

  Last hour changes and updates.

On the last days, the AAMSX has got some problems with the user meeting room reserve. The Town Hall and the mayor priorities are bigger than ours, and the selected date for the users meeting has been canceled. The new date its the next 19th June. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Another update, its the official announce of the next 2D MSX graphics contest organized by Aorante with the collaboration of the AAMSX. If you want more info about it, please click on the banner.

And finally, all users interested on reserve an stand for next users meeting must know that today has officially started the stands reserve. All the necessary info can be found at the "Next meeting" section, or just clicking here.

Posted 17th March 2010, 23:45   

  Date for the next users meeting, and news about Monster Hunter.

After a little break, the AAMSX team strikes back for the next MSX users meeting wich already has some interesting news.

The date for the next users meeting is the next 12th June19th June. The place, the same used on the last meeting: Cotxeres de Sants. The scheduled hours and activities still cannot be announced, because we are waiting for cotxeres de sants managers confirmation. Shortly, we will start the stands reserve for all those interested on organize one, but first we must update and finish the "next users meeting" section.

More news: The AAMSX is going to be present at the RetroMadrid 2010 fair, that is going to be celebrated next 13th March at the informatic university of Madrid. There, AAMSX will share a little stand with Manuel Pazos, Kralizec and the Sprite Girls. There, you will find the next stuff available for visitors:
    - The final version of The Goonies are Good Enough game (but it isn't going to be sold yet)
    - All the released games by the AAMSX until now ( Perfect Fit, Cold blood, Traffic Jam, Monster Hunter, Majikazo and Operation Wolf). Every cartridge will cost 18€ except Monster Hunter (30€).
    - Two new game cartridges: One is the cartridge version of the Bomb Jack game for MSX2 that also will include an exclusive Sheet only available on the retromadrid fair. The other game is the cartridge version of the Stray Cat game, 3rd classified on the last msxdev09 contest. Every game will cost 18€ too.
    - Manuel Pazos will sell the game available on his online shop (Caos begins, J.E.T.P.A.C.,...) and also he will sell his well know flash cartridges.
    - The Sprites Girls will sell a renewed collection of her fridge magnets.

And, for last, here its the last new, about the Monster Hunter game. The first batch released of this game (available on the last MSX users meeting of Barcelona) its defective. First, the game has bug with the savegame manager that don't allow users delete previously saved data. Also, the packaging was defective too, so the box and the manual booklet must be changed too. So, these users that has one of these cartridges have the possibility of change their defective units, and the first oportunity is going to be at the next retromadrid fair. Of course, its necessary that users present their defective units for changing it. New ways for changing the defective units will be announced here shortly. The AAMSX and Nerlaska apologize for any inconvenient caused for these defective units.

Posted 15th February 2010, 19:15   

  Again, thank you very much to everybody.

The 36th MSX Users Meeting of Barcelona has been a success.

Fifteen exhibitors came from all the country and, again, we enjoyed the visit of an international group (this time was a dutch group). During all the day we have had arround 150 visitors and during the meeting several activities were organized with lots of people taking part on them. The meeting in general has enjoyed of a constant abundance of people on the room, that has been there during the 8 hours the meeting lasted.

To the exhibitors, visitors, collaborators and websites that helped us with advertising and all this kind of stuff, thank you for make this users meeting one of the most important MSX meetings on the world. Thank you very much to everybody, and see you soon on the 37th edition!

Posted 7th December 2009, 16:03   

  Another 3 confirmed stands.

Last week was a really intesive week full of news for next users meeting. Let's start with the new confirmed exhibitors:

This year the users meeting will enjoy, again, of a guest platform, and this year the choosed one is the Commodore 64, one of the most sold personals computers, very popular in such a competitive markets like de USA one, offering greats technical spech with a competitive price. It's sound chip was popular too, the SID, that nowadays its still used by a lot of music composers... For next users meeting, a group named c=64 friends will show us a c=64 and a c128 with games, demos and music composition using the Mssiah system.

Another group that visit us again is TNI, this time k0ga, will show us their lasts software creations.

One more: Imanok, is going to be present on the next users meeting, and there he will shell again some cartridges os his last game, J.E.T.P.A.C., and also he will show the game where he is currently working on.

The last confirmed stand its the Taburoto one. They usually never show anything new, but they will be present just for playing some games a let visitors play with their computers.

News aren't only for confirmed exhibitors, there are also scheduled activities inside the users meeting. The added activities are a little quiz game organized by jamque (with msx related questions, of course), and a round table meeting to debate next question: MSX1 games? or MSX2 games? wich one? where everydoby can take part of it and express its opinion. Scheduled hours are available on the Next meeting seciont.

Oh, I forgot it, here you've got the new compilation cartridge that is going to be released by the AAMSX for this users meeting:

The game list included on the cartridge is the next one:Cosa Nostra, Golden Basket, Gonzzalezz, Goody, Last Mission, Livingstone Supongo (2 partes), Mundial de Fútbol, Mutant Zone (2 partes), Rescate en el Golfo (2 partes), Sol Negro (2 partes), Solo -Gunstick- , Soviet (2 partes) i Ulises. Also, the cartridge will include all the tipical extras (50/60hz selector, r800 speed up option on TurboR computers,...), and the price hasn't changed: 25 euros. As allways, all the money that the AAMSX gets from these cartridges goes for payment of future users meetings (just remember that the access to everybody is free).

Posted 30th November 2009, 23:55   

  Another 3 confirmed stands.

Next users meeting date is near (only two weeks left), and the confirmed stands list is still growing. Here we have the new stands:
Alifort chapas is going to sell all kind of MSX merchadising (sheets, turnkeys, magnets...)

The second stand is the one from the AUIC (Asociación de Usuarios de Informática Clásica), the organizers of the most important retrocomputer meeting in Spain: RetroMadrid. They will inform visitors about the last news of the AUIC and their activities, and also they will organize a little chat:"8 bit golden age, the spanish expierence" (the hour still must be scheduled). Also, there you will find some merchadising too.

The last stand is from the obsonet software coder, sd-snatcher, who will show us the new ethernet controller for MSX. The cartridge still doesn't has name, price and release date, so only a few coders has access to the prototype for development stuff.

Two weeks left, and we already have 10 confirmed stands. Hurry up if you want reserve one!!

Posted 21th November 2009, 23:47   

  Another 3 confirmed stands.

Well, here we'got more stands for next users meeting. The first one is The Pets Mode, from Barcelona. Its their second visit to the Barcelona MSX users meeting and this year are going to present a better version of Escape from Dwarves' Goldmine, the game presented on the 2nd MSX basic games contest from Konamito website. Basically, the new version is programmed in assembler (the game is faster) and also features new extras on game play (intro, ending, new enemies...).

The second confirmed stand is RELEVO Videogames. Jon Cortazar (know on the MSX comunity as Viejoarchivero), ex-member of Karoshi corp, is going to visit us again, showing the lastest games released ( La Corona Encantada, What's "in the Box"?, ...) and also, and if its possible, his actual work in progress game: Ba-Boon!, presented on the MSXDEV09 contest. Oh, I forgot. Joined to the relevo stand, there will be the 1beerMSX stand, the perfect place for drinking some beers for free while you play some MSX games on the other computer mounted at the stand.

Finally, here we've got, again, an international stand, but this time it's not from our friend Walter. This time, the international visitor comes from Netherlands: SuperSoniqs, a dutch group specialized on MSX hardware. On the next users meeting, on SuperSoniqs stand you will find their last creation: Franky.
Franky its a powerfull video cartridge with a Sega Master system VDP built in, wich will allow you play adapted SMS games on our MSX, or show better graphics and smooth scrolls on new games using this card. Also, SuperSoniqs team want include a 4MB memory mapper and the MOS 6581 soundchip (SID), but this stuff is still under development and cannot be showed.

With these, we currently have seven confirmed stands, just 1 month before the Users meeting date arrives. So, we recommend to all the not announced stands: please don't wait until the last day to reserve a stand. With a bigger list of confirmed stands, we can encourage visitors for coming to the users meeting, and this is good for everybody. Also, the room where the user meeting is celebrated it's small, so we can't guarantee an stand for everybody.

Posted 7th November 2009, 12:30   

  New game and new stand.

As you can see, the choosed game for this users meeting edition contest (organized in all the editions) its que Qbiqs game, from Z80ST software. This year, the AAMSX is hard promoting new MSX software for our computers.

Thanks to the Nerlaska Studios and the AAMSX efforts, now we can finally announce that in the next users meeting, the AAMSX is going to sell the long awaited extended version of the MONSTER HUNTER game, the MSXdev06 contest winner.

We're not speaking about the same game released back in 2006 for msxdev. We are speaking about a new extended version with lots of new features and improvements (it can be considered as a new different game). The new caracteristics are:
    * New history.
    * Intro and ending scenes.
    * In game scenary extended and modified.
    * New enemies.
    * New bosses.
    * New OST composed by DRM (a japanesse composer).
    * New audio system that allows you use PSG combinated with SCC and OPLL.
    * Save game memory built in on cartridge.
    * Autodetection of MSX TurboR machines.
    * Autodetection of MSX2+ computers with 7mhz mode.
    * Instructions booklet in english and spanish language.
    * 4Megabit Cartridge game.

Monster Hunter is a new RPG tourn based game compatible on all the MSX with at least 16KB of RAM.

The game benefits goes to the AAMSX to organize future users meetings (and the same happens with the others games sold by the AAMSX).

Here you've got some screen shots.

Also, one of the Monster hunter creators, Nerlaska, is going to be present the next meeting with a stand, where he will present and sell the Monster Hunter game.

Are you going to miss it?

Posted 30 October 2009, 23:40   

  Users meeting updates.

First of all, the exhibitors. On the last 3 weeks, the aamsx has reserved two stands. The first one is the Konamito stand. On his stand you will find some MSX t-shirts and 2nd hand games for selling. There also will be a 1chipMSX computer with the basic games of the MSX-BASIC game contest. That's not all: visitors can also get information about the MSX material preservation campaign that konamito is organizing and, of course, info about his MSX website.

The second exhibitor is Z80ST software. Again, Sapphire will show the visitors the last version of the game actually developing: Qbiqs. Also, will show a little surprise, a new game in development: KNT.

More stuff: The AAMSX contest. This year the contest is going to be a bit special, because the selected game is Qbiqs. As Sapphire has almost finished the game (its completly playable right now, and has got a lot of levels), this can be the perfect occasion for test the game in a two players mode before its final release to the market.

Stay tunned, because soon there will be more news!

Posted 09th October 2009, 20:15   

  Finally, here is the date for next users meeting.

Well, at last, we finally have got a date for the next 36th MSX users meeting. Saturday, 5th of December it's the choosed data. Where? The same place where last users meeting where celebrated, at cotxeres de sants.

This year, the AAMSX adds a new service for exhibitors: A material renting service. For those who don't want come by car to the users meeting, carry a television or a MSX computer with the luggage can be really annoying. But the AAMSX can bring you any hardware you need for your stand so you don't have to worry about.

Need more info? just go to the Next meeting section, or click here. There you will find all the info necessary to all the possible visitors or exhibitors. Right now, the only confirmed stand its the AAMSX one, but in the next days its sure that more stands will be confirmed so, stay tunned for future news because next months are going to be full of surprises! Are you prepared?

Posted 21th September 2009, 10:05   

  Currently working on the next MSX users meeting

First of all, welcome everybody to the new AAMSX english version website. We're not good at english, so it will be really easy to find mistakes on the texts. If you find one, please contact with makinavaja and help us to correct the mistake.

Well, as the post title says, we're working to get a date for the next users meeting. As soon as the place date for the users meeting is fully confirmed, we will post it on the website, but right now we can't assure you a real date for the meeting.

More news will be available next days so please wait until then.

Posted 17th September 2009, 21:10