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Where can you find us

You can find us easily at:

  • Karoshi MSX comunity forums
    It started years ago as a little forum inside que Karoshi corp website, and nowadays it has become the most active MSX comunity in spanish language. There you will find all the AAMSX members and also a lot of spanish MSX users and programers. Don't forget to say hello to viejo archivero, the forums manager. Ah, don't worry about the language, there are also an english language section inside the forum.

  • #msx channel at
    Just using the web inteface of this link, or just using any free IRC client like Bersirc, you will be able to connect to dozens of IRC networks available nowadays. But, just only on you will find the #msx channel, where you will find MSX users chating in spanish language.

  • Hispamsx mailing list at Yahoo
    The hispamsx mailing list is one of the oldest MSX comunity on internet. Ten years of history and more than 300 users registered (but least active), the mailing list keep being the point of meeting for lots of MSX users.

  • Area ESP.MSX of the 34th Region at Fidonet
    A lot of years ago, when people didn't knew what internet was, the ESP.MSX was born as the first spanish MSX comunity on a network. There, were acceding using protocols and computers really diferent from nowadays, withouth graphical browsers, php forums, or high speed connections.
    Nowadays, ESP.MSX is one of the most active MSX comunities in spanish language, thanks to the new technologies that allow access to ESP.MSX just using your web browser across internet.

  • Hispamsx BBS.
    Hispamsx BBS is designed for that people that still likes use old school comunications methods, for those who think that old BBS still are alive. It has few users, but you still can find some activity there.