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When and where
How to arrive
Scheduled activities inside the users meeting
Observations and rules
Confirmed stands
Reservation of stands and renting of material

When, where and how much
The meeting is going to be celebrated next Saturday 4th of June, at the Meetings room of Cotxeres de Sants, at Sants streeth 79, Barcelona, near to the Sants train station.

The doors will be opened to the public at 10:30am, but expositors will be able to enter at 09:30am to prepare the booths.

How to arrive
Just using the Sants road from pasaje Pas de Fructuòs Gelabert.

Also, you can use the Line5 (blue) and Line1(red) of the barcelona underground to arrive there, just stoping at "Plaça de Sants" station (please, be carefull and don't confuse it with "Sants" station)

If you need more info about how to arrive to les Cotxeres de Sants just click on the map to see its location on google maps.

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From 09:30 to 10:30 Free access only to expositors.

From 10:30 to 18:00 The users meeting.

From 18:00 to 19:00 expositor must dismount the booths and empty the room.

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Activities inside the users meeting
Note: The activities schedule can change easily so, the hours showed on the table are orientative.
Expositors presentation

HORA 11:00

It's possible for expositors make a presentation of his stands, showing all the material they have. After this, visitors can realize any questions to the expositors about any doubt. There isn't any order placed on the presentation. This will be decided during the meeting.

AAMSX game

HOUR 12:00

The winner contest will be decided by playoffs.

The players must use the novimach controllers, handmade clones of the popular novimach controllers. It's forbidden the use of any other controller (keyboard included).

On each match, both players will play on two disciplines. Before starting the match, each players will choose one of the disciplines.
At the end, the player who gets more points on both disciplines will be the winner. If there is a draw, the player will be decided on the 100m dash discipline.

Chiptune sessions

HORA 18:00

Chiptune sessions where the handheld gameboy and the MSX are very important. Here you've got the squeduled sessions:
- From 18:00 to 18:20 ->  303bcn
- From 18:25 to 18:55 ->  Lowtoy
- From 19:00 to 19:30 ->  Abortifacient

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Observations and rules
We request the public assistant that please dont wait at the entry while the expositor are mounting the stands. Its just to avoid people agglomerations.

During the first hour (the installation from 9am to 10am), only two members of each stand are allowed to be on the room.

The material showed at the stands must be 100% MSX related. Only the guest platform stand is allowed to show material of the platform its showing. Also, if you're showing another material but you've got reasonable reason (merchandising, t-shirts, any association info...), it can be allowed by the AAMSX. Personal computers are allowed too when they're used for the stand (for copying files to a flash card, for showing videos, emulators, ...). Anyway, if you've got any questions about that, don't hesitate and send us and e-mail with your question about it and we will answer you as soon as possible.

It's forbidden the use of powerful speakers, and the max height allowed never will be highter than abou 25cm.

During the meeting, both exhibitors and visitors, please everybody must have a friendly behavior with all the visitors, trying to avoid any conduct which might disturb other people. Also, we ask you please keep quiet during the stands presentation, so the other visitors can listen everything without problems.

Warning to the expositors: Since last year, expositors could place their car on that little park placed inside the cotxeres de sants enclosure, but this year expositors must be carefull with this, because lately, the police has been sending fines to all the cars placed there. So, that place must be used only as a zone of load and unload of the stands material if you want to avoid any possibility of receive a fine.
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List of expositors

- The AAMSX will be there to inform visitors about last news on the AAMSX affairs.
- They will sell cartridges of the games released by the AAMSX (the list of games isn't confirmed yet).
- They will sell some new cartridges (the games to be published still hasn't been decided by the AAMSX) All the money obtained from the cartridge is going to be used for the organization of future users meetings.
- AAMSX will held the classic little 2nd hand material market where all visitor can sell all kind of MSX related hardware and software.

Arcade zone

The booth with two MSX computers that visitors can use to play some games.

Guest platform:

- web -

The lowtoy group has got a circuit bending net label. Also, they're specialized on creating chiptune music with gameboy handheld consoles, using software like LSDJ of nanoloop. So, at the end of the users meeting, they will perform a chiptune session to the visitors.

Alifort chapas

Alifort chapas is going to sell all kind of MSX merchadising (sheets, turnkeys, magnets...)

RELEVO videogames
- web -

On their booth they will show us their last creations, paying attention on their last game: Azzurro 8bit JAM.

- web -

Sapphire will show us a very interesting computer: A toshiba HX-10 MSX1 computer converted to 60hz. Also, maybe a little surprise will be shown.

Paxanga Soft
- web -

Msxkun will sell some copies of the last released game, Pengo. Also, there will be presented the music software he is actually developing.

- web -

PSGedV2 will be presented by 303bcn. Also, they will offer a little chiptune session to the visitors at the end of the users meeting. For the music, it's going to be used a C64 with sid2sid and Mssiah Software, accompanied with two Korg electrive. An MSX computer will be showing some visuals accompanyning the music.

- web -

At Moai-tech booth you will find MSX merchandising. computers for selling.

- web -

Floppyderno is an online shop specialized on hand made notebooks, using recycled floppy disks.

- web -

On his booth we will find the well known games of his website and, also, two new game cartridges for sellin: Dr. Hello and the extended version with new special features of Zombie near. Each game will cost 12,5€.

The Pets

- web -

TPM will show to the visitors the cartridge and the special packaging of Hans' adventure, with some cool extras not included on the msxdev version. If you liked the game, you will be able to make a pre-order of the game, that will be published on the 40th users meeting.

- web -

Sander van Nunen, from Supersoniqs, will visit us again to show the new hardware they've designed: The MIDI-PAC. This card will reroute all your MSX Music compatible software to a attached MIDI out connector. This way you can enjoy the sound of all your games and music software with your MIDI equipment.

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Reservation of stands and renting of material
The room where the meeting is celebrated isn't big. That's why we recommend to all possible expositors that please make the reserve as soon as possible. This will be good to everybody because first, you get more guarantees of getting your own stand and also, this will encourage more visitors to the users meetings when they see that there are a lot of confirmed expositors. Last year, only one stand place was free, but this year maybe all the avilable places will be occupied.

As other years, the access for visitors to the users meeting its free. Also, the stands are free too, but these expositors that only have 2nd hand games for sale must pay for the stand. Here its de prices list:
    - If your stand only has got 2nd hand games, you must pay 20€
    - If your stand has got 2nd hand game but it also has computers for sale, you must pay 20€. Also, for every computer for selling found in your stand, the final price of the stand will be reduced 3€.
    - If your stand represents any MSX related association, a coders group, MSX website, MSX merchandise, MSX music... the stand will be free.
Also, the 2nd hand stand service organized by the AAMSX will be free too.

If you want to make a reservation, please contact us using the "contact with us" section mail. The mail must include the name of the stand, a webaddress related with the stand (if there is any) and a little description about what are you going to show in you stand. As soon as we receive the mail we will answer you with the confirmation of your reserve.

You also can make a reserve of material: MSX computers or televisions for your stand. If you're not from Barcelona, and you don't want come by car, you've got the possibility of use another transport and forget the problem of taking with you any heavy and annoying luggage. You can rent us any hardware you need and we will take it to the users meeting for you. Here its the price of every hardware:
    - MSX1 computer withouth disk drive-> 10 euros.
    - MSX2 computer with disk drive-> 15 euros.
    - MSX2+ computer -> 20 euros.
    - MSX TurboR -> 25 euros.
    - Normal Television 14'' -> 15 euros
    - High quality 14''TV (Sony CRT) -> 20 euros
If you want another special hardware (like flash cartridges, network cartridges, slot expansors, FMPAC,...) please first ask about it on the reservation mail, and we will check it if it's possible or not and wich price you must pay for it.
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