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  Who we are

Actually, the AAMSX responsibles are:

Charge: President
Name: Jordi Tor (alias Mister Melenas)
Contact: mrmelena(arroba)hotmail(dot)com

Charge: Secretary
Name: Toni Cano-Caballero (alias Makinavaja)
Contact: spunky_n(arroba)hotmail(dot)com

Charge: Treasurer
Name: Carles Bernardez (alies Doreameon)
Contact: doraemonppc(arroba)gmail(dot)com

Charge: member
Name: Pere Badalló (alias Pypo)
Contact: pypo(arroba)lasekta(dot)org

Charge: member
Name: Julio Gracia (mesiasMSX)
Contact: juliogracia(arroba)auna(dot)com

Charge: member
Name: Juan Luis Martínez (alies MSXKUN)
Contact: msx_forever(arroba)yahoo(dot)es

Charge: member
Name: Rafel Pérez (alies JamQue)
Contact: rafel(arroba)gamer-freaks(dot)net

Charge: member
Name: Alberto Orante (alies aorante)

Charge: member
Name: Roberto Vargas(alies koga)